J House


「世界在音樂中得到了完整的再現和表達」–德國哲學大師 叔本華。





"Music is the melody whose text is the world." - Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher.
If it is said that music has breathed new life into the world, then by the same token, for this project, the designer brings new idea and energy into this space with music.

This project is located at the high spot in the city, surrounding by the incredible view of boundless expanse sky and the heavy traffic down in the urban city.
This living room, like a Utopia, serves as a place to receive these busy passing travelers in all directions who expect to have a good rest out of the noisy life. Also, the excellent qualification of this building site introduces the plentiful daylight into the inner space.

Light is assimilated into the public areas decorated with white tone. Meanwhile, this space is designed with the inspiration of a concert hall, always reverberating the sound of music through the entire space.
The high-end stereos and classic songs of diverse eras are the stars of daily life in this space so that the designer spends much time selecting the materials for interior decoration. The selected bricks imported from Italy and the acoustical ceilings are the main materials used for this living room, visually decorating with many different textures such as the irregular ceiling design, real woods, baked enamel, titanium coating, stones, fabrics and more. These materials empower various characteristics for each single area, showing up its free expressions as well as striking a responsive chord with each other.

The house owner's interests and hobbies are reflected from the imported fully-built furnishings and fine wine collections, from the front entrance decorated in a wine cellar style, deigns for the sound field in the public areas, to the elegant study. The designer chooses the modern-mix-vintage circumstance as the main design concept of this room, which sets the taste of this space, as well as breathes a brand-new renovation into the guest house different from most of luxurious-style ones on the market.

A man, a cup of wine, a classic song;
A group of people, bottles of wine on the table, laughter echoing over the space.
No matter what the moment is, this space with elaborate decoration is able to play its role appropriately.
Either the flow of light or the flow of melody will be back to the movement of human beings eventually.
The designer designs for the space; the space serves the transient guests.
What people come and go just leaves the flow of memories.

J House ∣ 145坪 ∣ 竹北