悅曲 Melody


知名匈牙利鋼琴家 李斯特曾說:「音樂是不假任何外力,直接沁人心脾、最純的感情火焰;它是從口吸入的空氣,它是生命的血管中流通著的血液。」








Famous Hungarian pianist Liszt once said: “Music is the emotion and flame that directly refresh the bottom of heart without the help of any external force. It is the air inhaled from the mouth and the blood circulating in the blood vessel of life.”

Similar to music bringing vitality to life, a good indoor design should also make one perceive the smooth comfort and coziness in all daily moments.

This project, situated in Zhubei, Hsinchu, is a housing with approximately 60 pings of interior space. As the children grow up, the family of four needs bigger living space and independent space, and the family decides to change to this new residence, which is the opening to the second phase of family life. Different from the childhood space used by infants mostly after the children were born, the visual design in general could be relatively brighter and more brilliant. However, when children grow up and enter the next study period, the house owner needs to take into consideration how to maintain independent space for each family member while retaining the field for exchange and interaction of the whole family. The proper distance of the space is the demand and lesson for this stage.

Taking people as the main consideration and specializing in building modern people style, Ji Si Interior Design Chief Director Zhuang, after listening to the demand of the house owner and observing the advantage and disadvantages of the base, has designed a stylish space that well-connects the family emotionally.

Starting from the tunes, Chief Director Zhuang selects the low-chroma color incorporated with an artistic coating to embellish the wall surface, creating the fine texture of the space. Additionally, the luminous band and lines of the arch ceiling added to a neat and soft atmosphere. Regarding the visual extension from the hardware to the furniture, the arch sofa is selected, incorporated with a soft-color curtain, which corresponds with the theme color and retouches the compression from the tall buildings outside the window, refocusing the presentation of the interior.

The shared space is the daily interactive area for the whole family, and even though all members have their own independent space, they can still share family hours in the same area, regardless of work, writing homework, dining, and entertainment. Chief Director Zhuang uses the soft installation as a partition whose consistent color corresponds with large French windows so that the view in the room is brightened and the space becomes more subtle and stable.

The presentation of space dimension is extended into the private field. The master bedroom adds texture and patterns by using upholstered wall panels while weakening the oppression of the beam and column. Meanwhile, the dressing room is designed from limited space to increase the storage space. Children’s rooms are designed with themes on the wall, which emphasizes the storage function and creates space for children through a neutral style, so that children can change the uses based on their preferences as they grow older.

The smooth and quality design atmosphere runs through the interior design like a melody of life that companies the life course of this family. Life is vibrant and space is also alive-like that grows with habitats in the cumulation of life.

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